Trusted Servants Roles and Responsibilities



The following Trusted Servants were seated:

  • Co-Secretaries – Heike W./DE and Paul R./UK
  • Treasurer – Martin M./UK
  • Co-Zoomers – (1) Heike W./DE and (2) Shared – Punita C./UK and David R./US
  • Contact List – Marc A./UK
  • Business Meeting Leader – Heike W./DE

Irrespective of the trusted servant terms listed below, the these servants will serve until the end of 2022.


Below are the original Pre-Launch Business Meeting information:

We will seat the following Trusted Servants March 3rd Pre-Launch Business Meeting:

  • Co-Secretaries (2) [6 Month Term]
  • Treasurer [12 Month Term]
  • Co-Zoomers (2) [6 Month Term]
  • Business Meeting Leader [12 Month Term]

Servant Roles and Responsibilities are listed in document below.  For interested parties who meet the requirements and are willing to step up, please review these in detail.

For 2022, all servant terms will run to the end of the year. In 2023 and beyond, 6-month terms will run JAN-JUN and JUL-DEC.  12-month terms will run JAN-DEC.

Although formal seating will occur during the March 3rd business meeting, volunteers can email to declare their intention to volunteer or for any other questions