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Thriving adulthood is the realm of happiness, of wholeness, of measurable integration and ultimate individuation – truly living “in the present moment” as an adult. Thriving adulthood is the ultimate healing destination of the ACA healing journey.

The Call2Parent: Parent2Thrive Workshop Series will travel the challenging, practical path from childhood suffering to thriving adulthood – a thorough, thoughtful and in-depth exploration of healing childhood trauma considering nervous system dysregulation, co-regulation and self-regulation. The parent-child connection will be expanded to include the Adult Parent – both loving and tough-loving. Parallel “inner world” and “outer world” framework will provide a practical model to better understand the underlying dynamics of Developmental Trauma Disorder and how to effectively “unpack”, regulate and heal. Finally, a tangible exploration and discussion of what thriving adulthood really means and how to know you have arrived at this priceless destination.