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Welcome to the Call2Parent: Transforming Childhood Trauma Into Wholeness website and community…!!!  This collection of Call2Parent workshops, mini-workshops and related ACA meetings contained in this website are offered freely to the ACA community to inspire, facilitate and support the development of an active, conscious, and purposeful Adult Parent to heal and transform childhood trauma into wholeness.


Get Started: Engaging in the Call2Parent “work” can best begin by “attending” the original 2020 Call2Parent Fall Workshop Series, which in 6 recorded sessions, lays the foundational content upon which all subsequent workshops and ACA meetings are based. In order to build a thoughtful, deep and lasting understanding of the Call2Parent material, we suggest you follow with “attending” the 2021/22 Call2Parent Mini-Workshops Series.


Thoughtful review and participation in the Fall Workshop material and recordings is a prerequisite to accessing and participating in the 2021-2022 Mini-Workshop Series.

For more information, click HERE . To register to access and view the video recordings, click HERE.


The Call2Parent Mini-Workshop Series is a collection of 2-hour, single topic deep-dive sessions on key topics from the 2020 Call2Parent Fall Workshop Series. Thoughtful review and participation in the 2020 Fall Workshop Series material is a prerequisite to registering, accessing and attending the Mini-Workshops.

For information and links to register to attend live or access and view the recordings, click HERE.


The 2020 Call2Parent Fall Workshop Series attracted travelers from 45 countries all over the globe, which now forms the C2P Community…! By community request, the weekly Global Call2Parent ACA meeting was launched in February 2021 and is now alive and well..!

Although no one is discouraged or turned away from registering and attending this meeting, we STRONGLY suggest the you view – at least – the 2020 Fall Workshop Series entire set of video recordings available HERE. The unique and important safety boundaries set and honored in this meeting are unlike those of a “typical” ACA meeting. Being familiar with the Call2Parent parenting practices is recommended to provide helpful understanding and context to maintain the safety of this meeting.

For more Information and to pre-register in Zoom, click HERE.

Our wish is that you find these Call2Parent workshops, materials and ACA meetings helpful in your childhood trauma healing journey…!!!

Take greatest care of yourself and your Inner Kids…❤️