2021 Mini-Workshop Series

The Call2Parent Mini-Workshop Series is a collection of four 2-hour, single topic deep-dive sessions on key topics from the 2020 Call2Parent Fall Workshop Series.

For those who have not participated in the 2020 Call2Parent Fall Workshop Series, it is HIGHLY recommended that you review the workshop video recordings by registering here: https://call2parentworkshop.com/newcomer/.  Otherwise, these mini-workshops will present material and concepts you are unfamiliar with. 

2021 Call2Parent Mini-Workshop Series Schedule

Hello Trauma: I’m Glad You’re Here
Saturday JULY 31 from 1-3pm Mountain | 3-5pm Eastern | Noon-2pm Pacific
Advance registration required, register here: http://tiny.cc/c2pmini-registration
ACAWSO Event Link: https://acawso.org/calendar/call2parent-mini-workshop-hello-trauma-im-glad-youre-here/

Critical Parent: Friend or Foe…?  

Saturday JUNE 5 from 1-3pm MST | 3-5pm EST | Noon-2pm PST
To register and review the recording and related material click HERE