Trusted Servants Roles and Responsibilities



The following Trusted Servants were seated:

  • Secretary – Robert N
  • Treasurer – Raj A
  • Zoomer – Raj A
  • Business Meeting Leader – Robert N

For interested travelers outside the USA – the Secretary, Zoomer and Business Meeting Leader positions are available for volunteers. See Trusted Servant Roles and Responsibilities document below for more details.


Below are the original pre-business meeting instructions:

We will seat the following Trusted Servants to support the Global Call2Parent Meeting at the January 31st Business Meeting:

  • Co-Secretaries (2)
  • Treasurer
  • Co-Zoomers (2)
  • Co-Business Meeting Leaders (2) 

Servant Roles and Responsibilities are listed in document below.  For interested parties who meet the requirements and are willing to step up, please review these in detail.

For 6-month term positions, the service will run through June 2021.  For 12-month term positions, the position will be held through December 2021.

Although formal seating will occur during the business meeting, volunteers can email to declare their intention to volunteer or for any other questions

To get started, Robert N and Raj A will be volunteering for the first term of Secretary/Business Meeting Leader and Treasurer/Zoomer service positions respectfully. Thus, we are seeking volunteers for Secretary, Business Meeting Lead and Zoomer service positions from the European Continent.