How To Create a Zoom Account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE”

Step 3: Enter your personal email address/ID – either a new email or the same email with which you’ve already registered for the Global Meeting and click on “Sign Up” . Zoom will send you an “Activation Email”, see below. Note: the email shown below is an “example only” and will not work.

Step 4: Login to your email account and open the email with subject “Please activate your Zoom account”.

Step 5: Click “Activate Account”.

Step 6: Enter your first name, last name, password and click “Continue”. Make a note of the password which you enter here. You’ll need it to log into the Global Meeting.

Step 7: Click “Skip this step”

Step 8: Click “Go to My Account”

Step 9: Click “SIGN OUT”

Record the email and password for this new Zoom account as Zoom will prompt you for this information when logging into the Global Meeting.

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