2020 C2P Fall Workshop Polls

Each workshop included several polls to survey feedback from attendees on pertinent questions with regard to the workshop content. Below are the actual results of every poll in all three workshops:

NOVEMBER 8Workshop 1: Call2Parent – Transforming Trauma Into Wholeness

Poll 1: Childhood Trauma

Poll 2: Open Your Toolkit

Poll 3: Substitution

Poll 4: Wounded Traumatized Children

NOVEMBER 15 Workshop 2: Parent2Wholeness – Resolving Historic Suffering

Poll 5: Therapy

Poll 6: Identify Feelings/Body Sensations

Poll 7: Identify Toxic Thoughts/Messages

Poll 8: Pop Quiz

Poll 9: Internal Boundaries/Responsibilities

NOVEMBER 22Workshop 3: Call2Intimacy – Navigating Intimate Relationships

Poll 10: Abandonment

Poll 11: Intimate, Romantic Relationships

Poll 12: Kids Driving The Bus