Meeting Finances

Our meeting Treasurer will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date “Call2Parent Meeting Treasury Ledger” that will be posted on the meeting Google Drive for travelers to review with “read-only” access.

Here is a copy of the Ledger template:

Treasury Ledger

Pre-Pay Donations

To ensure meeting is promptly solvent, we are asking for up-front donations to cover 6 months of the required, running expenses, which are:

  1. Monthly Meeting Zoom Subscription (500 attendees) –> $69.62/month X 6 = $417.72 USD
  2. One-Time Pre-Launch Business Meeting Zoom subscription –> $50 USD
  3. Monthly GMASS Subscription for group communications –> $14/month x 6 = $84 USD

Total 6 Month Up-Front Investment = $551.72 USD

As you see in the “Community Voting” tab, 291 travelers voted to attend the weekly global meeting.  It is not clear that all 291 will attend the business meeting…yet, if they do – the pre-pay math calculation would be: $551.72 /291 = ~$1.89 USD per traveler. 

On a practical level, we ASK the community for an up-front donation of $5 USD per traveler.  This donation is separate from 7th Tradition donations made during meetings, once they get underway. 

Once we achieve the 6-month total of $551.72, we can then proceed to launch the inaugural “Global Call2Parent: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent” ACA meeting. For travelers who wish to make this donation now, here are the vehicles:

PayPal ID:
PayPal Link:
Venmo: @acac2pglobalmeeting
Cash App: $acac2pglobalmeeting
Suggested Donation – $5 USD
Message: Global Call2Parent Meeting Pre-Pay Donation
Given the expected response time, we are targeting the first official meeting to be held on Sunday, February 21, 2021..!!!

Global Call2Parent ACA Meeting Treasury Ledger (Live)