Meeting Documents

The “Call2Parent: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent” ACA meeting is an innovative and special focus meeting.  Aside from the traditional meeting readings – The Laundry List, The Solution and Tony A’s Original 12 Steps – the script and weekly readings uniquely reflect the meeting’s special focus – “Transforming traumatized Inner Child(ren) suffering into happiness and wholeness.”

The meeting format and content are ‘alive and well’ – 5 Call2Parent meetings are currently active in the United States.  The meeting materials below have been evolved and updated based on the “Call2Parent: Transforming Trauma Into Wholeness” Fall Workshop Series.

Please take time to review all the readings below:

Laundry List

The Solution

Tony A’s Original Steps

1st Week Topic – Making and Sustaining Contact With Your Inner Child

2nd Week Topic – Dealing With the Critical Parent

3rd Week Topic – Connecting The Trauma Dots

4th Week Topic – Practical Parenting Skills

Parenting Journey Self-Care

Closing Passage

Closing Blessing