Meeting Readings

This Global “Call2Parent: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent” ACA meeting is an innovative and special focus meeting and will be essentially identical to the existing and active Sunday Global C2P meeting. Aside from the traditional meeting readings – The Laundry List, The Solution and Tony A’s Original 12 Steps – the script and weekly readings uniquely reflect the meeting’s special focus – “Transforming traumatized Inner Child(ren) suffering into happiness and wholeness.”

We will be requesting unanimous consent for all the readings below. Please take time to review:

Laundry List

The Solution

Tony A’s Original Steps

1st Week Topic – Making and Sustaining Contact With Your Inner Child

2nd Week Topic – Dealing With the Critical Parent

3rd Week Topic – Connecting The Trauma Dots

4th Week Topic – Practical Parenting Skills

Parenting Journey Self-Care

Closing Passage

Closing Blessing