Global Call2Parent Business Meeting

As you may already know, ACA business meetings can sometimes be quite challenging. It’s quiet possible for “upset” Inner Kids to show up and – if boundaries are not in place – meetings can become disruptive. Also, it is a common practice for a significant subset of the meeting community – who attend business meetings – to be deciding and making decisions that impact the entire community.

In many ACA meetings the job of leading business meetings can also be problematic.  Often the role is taken on by the meeting secretary or lead.  If leading confidence wavers, a business meeting can collapse or de-rail, which can cause disharmony and upset. More concerning – this disharmony can potentially leak into the regular, associated ACA meeting itself.

We, the Call2Parent community, have an exciting opportunity to address these issues.

Business Meeting Leader – Trusted Servant

To ensure consistent, detached business meeting leadership, co-business meeting leaders will be instituted.  This will allow committed leaders to conduct orderly quarterly business meetings with ease.  See Business Meeting Leader Role and Responsibilities HERE.

Business Meeting Format and ‘Rules of Order’

We have developed a Business Meeting Note Format to be shared and updated by the business meeting leader during the meeting.  This format provides structure and inherent boundaries to ensure an orderly meeting occurs.

Entire Meeting Community Votes on Adopting All Motions

To ensure adopting any meeting issue or concern is in the best interest of the entire Global Call2Parent meeting community – and not a subset – all decisions will require substantial unanimity (>2/3) to adopt any and all motions.  Adoption voting will take place online and will include the ENTIRE meeting registered community.

Having a well-defined motion process so everyone understand how it works and what to expect, here is a diagram of how motions are “birthed” in a business meeting and adopted online by the community:

Here is a sample motion template for online voting: