At the March 5th quarterly business meeting, a significant motion was birthed: starting July 2nd the existing Call2Parent: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent meeting will be replaced with the Call2Parent: Adults Only meeting. Per the adopted business meeting process, when a motion is “birthed” in a business meeting, it is then posted on this website to invite the entire meeting community to vote. This ensures the conscience of the community os take and not confined to a small number of travelers who happen to attend a business meeting.

Here is the motion:

Results will be announced the week of May 14th.

If the motion is adopted, which requires >2/3 of votes cast, the following timely events will occur in advance of the July 2nd inaugural meeting:

  • A pre-launch business meeting to adopt the script, readings, and business meeting process – and seat trusted servants.
  • The business meeting presentation and materials will be available in advance of the business meeting.
  • The existing Sunday meeting Zoom login/ID/Passcode will stay the same.

How to vote: (1) The vote doc is a Google Form – so you must login with your personal Gmail email account. (2) Re-enter the email address. (3) Vote “YES” or “NO”. (4) Enter your 1st name. (4) Enter your country. (5) Click SUBMIT.

If you do not have a Gmail account, setting it up is free and easy [HERE].